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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“We know that Black and brown communities, particularly school communities, tend to be under-resourced in a lot of different ways. What we’re looking at is really a time where the need for mental health resources in these communities has increased dramatically, but the help has decreased dramatically … it’s a disturbing equation if you think about it.”

Professor of Public Health, Stephanie Silvera, discusses how persons of color did not get the same level of care during the pandemic with

Dr. Jason Williams

“It’s a good step in the right direction as far as transparency, but accountability must follow. We have to continue to watch and make sure that we gain some type of movement in the system.”

Professor of Justice Studies, Jason Williams, discusses the new online dashboard that documents internal police investigations with

Dr. Matthew Schuler

“Circle traps are better than sticky traps, which wildlife groups have warned are inadvertently killing birds.

Professor of Biology, Matthew Schuler, discusses new ways to treat the spotted lanternfly swarms in the state with

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