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Online Master's in Sustainability Science, Sustainability Leadership

Develop the strategic management and leadership skills needed to drive a sustainable future.

With an online master’s in Sustainability Science from Montclair State University, you will be prepared to support and advance social, economic and environmental sustainability in your organization, agency or community. Continue your education, advance your career and become a leader who can make a difference.

The Online Master of Science in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainability Leadership (Professional Science Master’s) is an online graduate degree program designed to fill a management need for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and private-sector companies. Pursue advanced training in sustainability science, while developing highly valued business skills. Coursework stresses the development of important communication skills; the ability to manage multiple tasks; the capacity to develop strategic vision in sustainability; environmental management and the necessary competencies to translate sustainability science theory into applied decision-making. Build your analytical skills and the ability to seek optimal solutions to complex issues.

Key Features

Fully Online Format

An asynchronous, online course schedule provides you with the convenience and flexibility you need to earn your degree and still balance life’s priorities.

What to expect as you move toward attaining your degree:

  • All coursework can be completed online; course content and course schedules are geared toward working professionals.
  • Industry-related coursework integrates sustainability science with highly valued business and leadership skills.
  • Accomplished faculty bring strong academic reputations and real world experience to the classroom.
  • Nationally certified PSM program developed with the innovative National Professional Science Master’s Association Science Plus curriculum structure
  • Industry internship (vs. thesis) provides connections to potential employers. Students can choose a fully online program or limited on-site experience for research or capstone projects.
  • Program is international in scope and students can do international projects.
  • Affordable tuition rates for the online program
  • Students starting in the fall may complete the program in as little as one year. Students interested in the accelerated option should discuss their plan with the graduate program coordinator.
  • Full access to student support services including online library resources, academic tutoring, and career advisement.
What You Will Study

For the PSM in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainability Leadership, students complete 32 credit hours. Courses are offered sequentially during the fall, winter, spring and summer.

Program Requirements

Code Title Credits
EAES 790 Colloquium in Environmental Management 1
EAES 591 Methods in Environmental Research 3
EAES 760 Organizational Environmental Management 3
EAES 565 Environmental Change and Communication 3
EAES 575 Environmental Economics 3
EAES 662 Energy and the Environment 3
EAES 592 Pro Seminar 3
EAES 509 Current Issues in Sustainability Science 3
EAES 586 Urban Contamination 3
EAES 696 Applied Research or Internship Project in Sustainability Science 6
EAES 790 Colloquium in Environmental Management 1
Explore Sustainability Leadership Careers

From a practical perspective, people trained in sustainability science are geared to save costs relative to energy and material use; reduce organization risk; increase an organization’s brand and popular appeal; invent new products and services; and add value to their employer organizations.

Sustainability professionals and managers are employed as:

  • Alternative energy specialists
  • Business operations specialists
  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Civil engineers
  • Compliance officers
  • Conservation scientists
  • Energy and water usage auditors and managers
  • Environmental lawyers
  • Financial analysts
  • Green design and construction specialists
  • Industrial ecologists
  • Industrial managers
  • Life cycle assessment specialists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Project managers
  • Recycling coordinators
  • Sustainability accountants
  • Transportation, storage, and distribution managers
  • Urban and regional planners
Career Outlook

The most recent US Bureau of Labor Occupational Outlook anticipates increased demand for environmental scientists and specialists. Montclair’s innovative MS in Sustainability Science, Sustainability Leadership program provides graduates with global perspective, competitive advantage and real-world expertise. Our STEM designated degree programs are fully-accredited, affordable and designed to fit the needs of your busy schedule.

As a nationally recognized Professional Science Master’s (PSM), the Online Master of Science in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainability Leadership provides learning in real-world environments. Students develop the strategic management and leadership skills needed to drive a sustainable future.

Admission Requirements
  • Submit Online Application
  • Transcript: One from each college attended.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two
  • Personal essay
  • Resume
  • No GRE exam required

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