Professor Eileen Fernandez teaches students how to make the Sierpinski Triangle in MTHM 507, Geometry for Middle Grade Math Teachers

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics (MA and Certificate) Online

The Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics certificate and online master’s programs are designed to increase the mathematical knowledge and related pedagogical skills of middle grades mathematics teachers. The fully online programs provide teachers with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles underlying school mathematics, while making practical connections to the classroom.

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics (MA) - Online

The Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics features five content courses and six courses in mathematics pedagogy. These courses focus on strengthening students’ content knowledge of mathematics for teaching, while modeling effective teaching practices. Teachers who successfully complete the sequence of eleven courses will be able to make connections across the mathematics curriculum and to other disciplines within the framework of the Common Core State Standards Mathematics (CCSSM). With increased content knowledge and pedagogical skill, you will build an enhanced level of enthusiasm and comfort with mathematics, which will in turn foster a deeper understanding, and appreciation of mathematics in both your students and your colleagues. A secondary objective of the programs is to increase the number of students in the middle grades who are academically prepared to succeed in a first course in algebra, either in middle school or when they enter high school.
Certificate in Mathematics, Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization: Mathematics Grades 5-8 - Online

This certification program includes five content courses and offers an additional teaching endorsement for grades 5-8 mathematics. Teachers certified in disciplines other than mathematics, including elementary school and middle grades science, can become certified to teach mathematics in Grades 5-8. Courses in this program count towards the Master of Arts degree in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics.

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics (Certificate) - Online

This certificate program includes five content courses designed to deepen students’ understanding of middle grades mathematics. Upon completion of the program, you can choose to continue with the Master of Arts program in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics.

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