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School of Computing Launches in Spring 2023

The departments of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics come together to form the new School

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students entering the Center for Computing and Information Science building
The Center for Computing and Information Science building will be the home of the new School

Effective January 17, 2023, the College of Science and Mathematics will launch a new School of Computing. In 1989, a report in Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) entitled “Computing as a Discipline”, presented a new intellectual framework for the discipline of Computing. The term computing serves well to incorporate three research paradigms: theory, rooted in mathematics; abstraction (modeling), rooted in science; and design, rooted in engineering.

The School of Computing will provide academic leadership and facilitate collaborations for computing, and embody the vision of an academic unit without walls. It will strive to achieve its academic goals through effective programmatic integration with other units, increase its research activity in basic computer science and selected computing areas in which computer science is a key, but not exclusive, component, and expand partnerships and entrepreneurial activities by applying computer science to other areas.

The School of Computing will house existing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics, with planning for new academic offerings underway. Computer Science, and its related programs, is one of the most in-demand occupational job areas for the next decade, with U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projections for future employment four times that of all occupations.