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New Director for School of Computing Arrives on Campus

We welcome the new Director, Dr. Liaquat Hossain

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Dr. Liaquat Hossain in his office

Dr. Hossain is a distinguished academic leader with a rich background in global research across a number of universities. He has played key roles in creating interdisciplinary departments, notably serving as Inaugural Department Chairperson and holding the Ron and Carol Endowed Professorship at University of Nebraska at Kearney (UN-K). His extensive career includes leadership positions at the University of Sydney, the University of Hong Kong, and Lund University, as well as a Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT. Driven by a commitment to addressing critical public health challenges, Dr. Hossain led initiatives in communications and responses to public health preparedness, bio-related threats, and health systems, with a focus on vulnerable populations. He played a crucial role in coordinating COVID-19 Resilience Networks for Pandemic Preparedness & Response, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge in healthcare.

I am dedicated to nurturing junior and mid-career faculties, supporting grant-writing workshops, working with administrative colleagues and building interdisciplinary center for educational and research excellence, including leading fundraising campaigns. I am committed to driving diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and promoting complex networks and systems research and education addressing societal, environmental, health, business, engineering and technology-related challenges.

Dr. Liaquat Hossain

Dr. Hossain’s research has secured more than U$20M competitive research grants and created a cross-disciplinary Complex Systems Research Cluster using federal and industry funding. This work supported over 30 doctoral students. His works have been published in over 200 international peer-reviewed research papers in the areas of information and decision sciences, computational sciences, knowledge management, and complex emergencies including public health preparedness.