algae in Budd Lake in August of 2021

Traveling HAB Lab

As harmful algal blooms (HABs) increase in frequency, duration, and magnitude worldwide, the health of humans, domestic animals, and wildlife are increasingly threatened by HABs. The Traveling HAB Lab aims to empower residents of New Jersey to protect our aquatic ecosystems and water resources. We also aim to increase awareness of the health risks associated with exposure to HABs and provide knowledge on how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and pets from HABs.

As part of our mission, we have recruited teams of citizen scientists for water quality and HAB monitoring in New Jersey. Each citizen science team has selected at least one river/lake to perform HAB and water quality data and sample collection. The Traveling HAB Lab also started a Free Cyanotoxin Testing Program in the Summer of 2023, enabling individuals and organizations to safeguard their community against the impact of HABs. 

A data portal has been developed to share the collected data from the Citizen Science Program and Free Cyanotoxin Testing Program. These Programs are on-going, therefore, more data will be posted. If interested, you can review our water quality results from these programs.

2023 Lab Partners

Thank you to all our partners this year!

In addition to our citizen science program, we also offer free in-person or online lessons on HABs, water quality, and water conservation! These lessons are designed for classroom learning, club/group activities, or community events. Learn about lessons offered, relevant lessons are listed under the Harmful Algal Blooms, Water Quality, and Water Science category. Contact the email below to schedule.


Colleen Potocki
Coordinator of Education and Outreach
New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology
Montclair State University