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Faculty Achievements

Dayna Arcurio presented “Exploring Visual Literacies” at the Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy Association and “Podcasting as Asynchronous Professional Development” at the Montclair State Annual Summer Institute in 2018.


Caroline Dadas published the book Re/Orienting Writing Studies: Queer Methods, Queer Projects with Utah State University Press in 2019. She also published “Interview Practices as Accessibility: The Academic Job Market” in Composition Forum in 2018.


Jennifer Daly presented a paper entitled “Let It Be Known: Fuller’s Voice in Emerson’s Work on Women’s Rights” at the Annual Thoreau Gathering in 2019.


Leslie Doyle published the following short stories and essays:

  • “Getting Lost on the Estate” — Gravel, 2018
  • “Acme” — South Mountain Review, 2018
  • “Someone Else’s Lights” — Peauxdunque Review, 2019
  • “Breaths” — Rougarou, 2019
  • “Staples” — Cabinet of Heed, 2019


Laura Field presented a paper entitled “Performances, Possibilities, Problems: A Newly -Independent Department Writes Its Own Script” at the 2019 College Conference of Composition and Communication (with Caroline Dadas, Ron Brooks, and Jessica Restaino).


Christine Giancatarino presented a workshop entitled “The Feldenkrais Method as Embodied Dramaturgy: Writing and Composing Text” at the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America  in 2018.


Catherine Keohane presented the paper “Rethinking Relatability as Invitation to Engage” at the Modern Language Association conference in January 2018.


Henry Margenau presented “Dissolving Borders of Sound and Place: Listener/Recorder as Ambient Collaborator” at the 2018 NEMLA conference. He was also part of a roundtable entitled “Acts of Multimodal Translation that Create New Visual Rhetoric and Narrative” at the International Visual Literacy Association conference.


Jessica Restaino published the book Surrender: Feminist Rhetoric and Ethics in Love and Illness with Southern Illinois University Press in 2019.


Shil Sen presented the papers “Performing Spectatorship in Early Modern Drama” and “Constructions of Masculinity in Bhansali’s Padmavat” at the Modern Language Association Annual Conference in 2019. He also presented “Teaching Writing via Shakespearean Performance” at the Shakespeare Association of America Annual Conference in 2018. Sen published “Shakespeare’s Cleopatra as Metatheatrical Monarch” in The Palgrave Handbook of Shakespeare’s Queens in 2018.