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2016 BFA Thesis Exhibition

Click here to view the 2016 BFA Thesis Exhibition Virtual Gallery.

BFA thesis 2016

The Department of Art and Design is pleased to present the 2016 BFA Art Thesis Exhibition at the George Segal Gallery.

The show opens on Thursday, May 12th and will be on display through May 27th. The BFA Thesis Exhibition features works from students in the Studio Art, Graphic Design, Animation and Illustration, and Filmmaking programs.

A reception including the Department of Art and Design awards ceremony at 5:30 p.m. will be held on Tuesday, May 24th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. before the scheduled College of the Arts Convocation.  

BFA thesis 2016 #2

The exhibition features the following student artists: 

Christine Almeda - Eliana Amarante-Reynoso - Kasandra Rose Appice - Philip Babich - Ben Bleezarde - Stephen Bodossian - Kelley Buhler - Greg Buracker - David Burdzy - Gina Campo - Sarah Carney - Ali Cedeno - Anthony Coplan - Matthew John Corrales - LinaMarie Costagliola - Michael Diaz - Brianne Dougherty - Fanny Duran - Moises Estrada - Sean Fineran - Anthony Garcia - Sebastian Gomez - Kerenn Gonzalez - Rebecca Gruber - Chris Gullander - Claudia Desiree Habrahamshon - Raul Hernandez - Kim Hill - Zoran Jauleski - Jessica Lynn Jenkins - Khari Johnson-Ricks - Filip Ilic - Swelee Joseph - Cynthia Kisch - Orrianne Kowlessar - Elizabeth R. Laccetti - Matthew Miles LaZaro - Haeun Lim - AceJoslyn S. LiPuma - Victoria Long - Bryant Magdael - Moses Maiello - Garrett Adam Makoujy - Alex Malakhov - Keven Mallqui - Leonor Marión-Landais - Dyanna Martinez - Melissa Mautone - Rocio Mendieta - Maria Camila Mendoza - Tiara Montgomery - Francesca Moran - Yumi Nakayama - Demetri J. Noel-Jeune - Moses Opawumi - Joshua Ortiz - Nicole Park - Emily Perez - Yasmine Marie Perez - Sarah Ann Petrik - Joe Redl - Armando Rodriguez - Stefan Rodriguez - Pamela Santelice - Nicole Ashley Sausville - Carmen Schultheis - Bryan Schultz - Luis Segovia - Chad Servidio - Rihana Shah - Jake Shapiro - Rayna Smith - Alexandra Stoycheva - Stephany Sueldo - Sarah M. Tam - Eric Templeton - Louis Tomasello - Suzie Tuchman - Alexander Untoria - Melisa Vallovera - Chris Veith - Rob Woods - Gulay Yalcin
BFA Thesis 2016 #4
The BFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the innovative works of talented students completing their undergraduate degree in the fine arts. Throughout the year, art and design majors delve into personal themes, concepts, and various disciplines towards the goal of achieving a mature body of work.

This year's BFA thesis show culminates in a selection of painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, animation, illustration, and mixed media works shown in both the George Segal Gallery
and Calcia Gallery 3.5. 
BFA Thesis 2016 #3


Accommodations will be provided to all individuals with disabilities to participate in George Segal Gallery programs and activities, including materials in large-print format.  (The Gallery requests two weeks’ notice when accomodations are being requested.)