An artwork made of circuit boards and wires behind orange acrylic is affixed to the wall.

Sound Booth

Sound Booth

Sound Booth is a new series of sound installations outside the entrance to the George Segal Gallery. Brian Oakes will be the first artist in this series, bringing together sculpture, sound, and lighting to create an immersive environment for deep listening

Brian Oakes: Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

On View September 14 – May 10, 2024

Brian Oakes designs and produces his own circuit boards as the main material for his sound and light sculptures ​​using a “do it yourself” approach. Through system-generated light and sound, these sculptures reveal how the mechanical components of computer-based technology work and function.

The circuit boards include unique shapes with components arranged in specific patterns and etched designs that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. They present a symbolic language reminiscent of ancient runes and function with electrical currents traveling across the symbols and patterns. Oakes’ circuit boards offer a kind of technological divination related to occult and esoteric forms of knowledge production, where electrical impulses pass through symbols and bodies bringing the artwork to life. 

Oakes’ Untitled Sound System 11 is made up of 14 circuit boards creating a sonic sculpture that can be modulated using knobs redirecting the intensity of the electrical signals altering the sounds and LED lights that flash as the sculpture emits sound. The installation also features lighting fixtures designed by Oakes made with custom circuit boards, LED light chains, and other materials similar to Untitled Sound System 11. Together, the Sound Booth installation allows for an opportunity to intimately observe and listen deeply to the internal landscapes of computer-based machines.

Screenshot of a virtual walkthrough of the Sound Booth installation. On the left is an artwork made of circuit boards and wires behind orange acrylic is affixed to the wall. On the right hangs a small, black and yellow artwork with orange-yellow lights and sharp edges.

Visit the digital twin of this installation

About the artist

Brian Oakes is an interdisciplinary sculptor based in New York. His spatial investigations manifest through means of technocraft such as open source agendas, DIY materiality, satellites, nuclear culture, piracy, and global-political transparencies in outer space. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture with a concentration in Computation from the Rhode Island School of Design (2018). His artwork has been shown in the U.S., Japan, China and Germany including “Bohemian Centipede” at Scooters for Peace in Shibuya, Tokyo, and his most recent solo exhibition “Nocturne No2.” at Feiertag Gallery in Kassel, Germany. In addition, he has shown at Mery Gates Gallery, NYC, Subtitled Gallery, NYC, Bellow Grand Gallery, NYC, Space 369, MN, and FriEnds Gallery, RI among others. He will be participating in a group show at Blade Study in New York this fall and will be the inaugural artist in Montclair State University Galleries’ Sound Booth series from September to December of 2023.