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The Center of Pedagogy is a unique structure at Montclair State University. The COP coordinates all aspects of teacher education for undergraduate and graduate initial teacher certification programs, a network of more than 25 school district partnerships, grant-funded projects for recruiting and preparing new teachers, and professional development for faculty on campus and in the schools.

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The Center of Pedagogy is one of Montclair State University’s most notable innovations. Montclair State University was the first university in the nation to create a formal structure in which faculty and administrators from arts and sciences, education, and the public schools—known as the Tripartite—are equally involved in the ongoing work of teacher education.

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 The MSU Network for Educational Renewal, the Newark-Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program and the Center of Pedagogy in the College of Education and Human Services are featured examples in a news brief published by FHI 360, in collaboration with the Teachers for a New Era (TNE) Learning Network,  titled "Partnering to Prepare Tomorrow's Teachers: Examples from Practice".


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