Student teacher working with student in classroom.

Center of Pedagogy

Great teachers change lives, and for over 100 years, many of New Jersey’s best teachers have been educated at Montclair State University. With its rich history in teacher education, Montclair State prepares aspiring teachers to make real differences in their classrooms and in the lives of their students. Our nationally recognized Center of Pedagogy brings together faculty experts from the arts and sciences, education, and the public schools as equal partners in the important work of teacher education. Our teacher candidates experience deep learning that bridges theory and practice, allows for close mentoring, and facilitates critical, authentic and professional opportunities in the schools. As a result, graduates have the confidence and skills to teach from their first day in a classroom. Montclair State’s strong commitment to social justice prepares teachers who not only change lives, but also inspire.

Notably, Montclair State University is the first university in the nation to create a formal structure known as the Center of Pedagogy, bringing together all of those involved in the education of educators. Under the umbrella of the Center of Pedagogy are a number of important programs and offices.

The Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER) is a school-university partnership dedicated to the simultaneous renewal of schools and teacher education through collaboration among Montclair State University and its partner school districts.

The Transformative Education Network (TEN) at Montclair State University prepares, supports and develops teachers who teach toward antiracism and social justice. TEN was created as an inclusive umbrella term for three programs outlined below that have a shared mission of advancing racial justice in education, offering critical professional development, and actively creating an expanding network of anti-racist educators across our partner districts.

The mission of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy is to restore and maintain the links between education and democracy and to ground the work of the public schools in the moral and political ideals of democratic life. The Agenda coordinates an annual Leadership Associates Program for educators, which focuses on social justice, diversity, and democratic practice.

The Office of Teacher Education Admissions, Recruitment and Diversity seeks to enroll the highest quality teacher education candidates, oversees the admission process for undergraduate applicants to the Teacher Education Program, and is invested in the diversification of our teachers through creative programming and initiatives.

The mission of the Office of Teacher Education Advisement and Retention is to provide our candidates with the information, guidance and support needed to meet the requirements necessary for both degree completion and state certification. This office is committed to high-quality advisement services that are tailored to the unique needs of our students for their ultimate success.

The Office of Clinical Internships coordinates the clinical practice experience that is required of all teacher education candidates. Through strong and longstanding partnerships with schools and districts across the State of New Jersey, this office ensures for the rich, practical mode of learning that prepares our graduates for their professional life.