Photo of young teacher with students.

Teachers of Color Opportunities

Did you know that teachers of color represent only 16 percent of New Jersey’s teachers, even though 56 percent of the state’s nearly 1.4 million students are children of color?

According to New Jersey Department of Education data from 2017, we are in need of teachers of color who can inspire students of color and help transform their lives!

If you identify as African American/Black; Latino/a/x; Asian; American Indian, Alaskan Native; Native Hawaiian, and/or Pacific Islander, you may qualify for funding and support to help prepare you to teach in high-need, school districts.

With a recent grant from the New Jersey Department of Education, Montclair State University can now provide eligible students with the following opportunities:

  • Earn college credit while enrolled in one of Newark Public Schools Teacher Preparatory Academies as a Red Hawks Rising student.
  • The Future Teachers of Color Program:
    • Essex County Community College students who seek to transfer to Montclair State’s Teacher Education Program
    • Montclair State University students who are enrolled in University College as a pre-major and want to become a teacher.