Teacher Education Programs

Teacher Education in the English department offers students several paths to a career in teaching at elemenary and secondary levels.  Training in English Education provides undergraduate and graduate students a balance of training in literary and writing studies, methods and theories of pedagogy, and classroom experience.  Students with undergraduate and graduate degrees go on to successful K-12 teaching careers throughout New Jersey. 

Students must apply to Teacher Education programs at MSU, and a 3.25 GPA in the major is required. However, students who have not yet been accepted should follow their intended program's curriculum guide so as to be sure that they take the proper General Education and English courses they will need if they are accepted. The printable curriculum guides below outline the programs of study for various English Teacher Education degree and certification programs. 

For more complete information, please visit the Teacher Education Program website, and see especially the links under "Teacher Education Program Links," including "Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Information" and "Graduate Teacher Education Program Information." These will help you to understand both the processes and timetables for applying to Teacher Education Programs.

All advisers can advise for how English majors meet the requirements of a B.A. with a certificate in Teacher Education, and Dr. Kerry McKibbin can address all other concerns related to the English Teacher Education curriculum. However, for advising specific to Teacher Education courses, please see advisers in the Center of Pedagogy. After students attend an orientation, they are eligible to make appointments with the Secondary Education Adviser, Ian Bouie; Dual Degree Certification Program Adviser, Carla Parry Engstrom; or Elementary Education Program Adviser, Adrian Reagan.

As of Fall 2105, undergraduates seeking K-12 Certification can find their English Major Requirements here

Students who entered the English Education program for grades K-12 between Fall 2011 and Spring 2015 can find their English Major Requirements  here.  

Students seeking Elementary Certification can find their Requirements here.

 Curriculum Guides (PDF):

Undergraduate Programs:

English Education (K-12):
Note: Requirements change slightly in Fall 2015

ENEL - BA in English with Elementary Ed Cert

ENED - BA in English with Teaching Certificate (Secondary) ‌‌

ENBM - B.A./M.A.T. Dual Degree Dual Certification in English (Preschool - Grade 12) & Teacher of Students w/ Disabilities ENBM - B.A./M.A.T. Dual Degree Dual Certification in English (Preschool - Grade 12) & Teacher of Students w/ Disabilities ‌

EGBM - BA/MAT Dual Certification Program in Inclusive Education: English Major with Elementary Education (K-6) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification

Graduate/ Post-BA Programs:

For MAT in English please visit here: English and consult this Information Sheet MAT

Post-BA Certification (5-8) Language Arts:‌ College of Humanities and Social Sciences Elementary School Certification with Subject Matter Specialization Language Arts/Literacy in Grades 5-8 (Graduate)