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Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides provide comprehensive lists of all requirements for a given program including General Education, World Languages and Cultures, English Major, Masters, and Teacher Education courses.

Beginning in Fall 2020, students seeking teacher certification will be able to earn an MA through the joint BA/MA program.  The “dual degree/dual certification” programs have been discontinued.

Please note that students who have begun their program under older requirements may, beginning Fall ’18, opt for the new requirements.

BA in English: ENGL Guide
BA in English with concentration in Creative Writing:CRWR Guide
BA in English with concentration in Film: FLMS Guide

BA in English with P-12 Teaching Cert.:ENED Guide
BA in English with K-6 Teaching Cert.:ENEL Guide

Combined Degree: BA/MA (BA + Masters in English): BAMA Guide
Combined Degree BA/MA/P-12 (BA + Masters in English + cert, in Teaching P-12): BAMA Plus P-12
Combined Degree BA/MA/K-6 (BA + Masters in English + cert.In Teaching K-6): BAMA Plus K-6
Combined degree students please note that some course numbers have change: ENGL 514/ENGL 605 is now ENGL 506; ENLT 514 is now ENGL 507.

The combined English BA + MAT degree programs have been discontinued.  Students seeking a graduate degree with certification in inclusive education should pursue the BAMA Plus P-12 or BAMA Plus K-6 (above), and take necessary coursework for the additional certification in inclusive ed.  Please consult the graduate catalog page for more information.