Curricular Resources

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Harry A. Sprague Library at Montclair State University


Annual Reports

Hoover's Online

Corporate Information

CEO Express

SEC Filings at EDGAR

Secretary of State (New Jersey)

Commercial Recording (New Jersey)

Secretary of State (New York)



International Law and Government List

Immigration and Nationality Act

International Law News

New Zealand


The Qui Tim Information Center



Intellectual Property

USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office)



Intellectual Property and Technology Forum

Digital Technology Law Journal

Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediate Information and Resource Center

Mediation Training Institute International

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service


FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)

IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

NJ (State of New Jersey)

Government Printing Office

US Supreme Court

Federal Law Related Resources

Congressional Bills

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Central Intelligence Agency


National Institute of Justice

US Department of Justice

US Marshalls Service

The House of Representatives Congressional Bills

US Code

Library of Congress

Bureau of Statistics and Labor

Federal Economy

Electric NJ Filing Judiciary


Federal Judiciary

New Jersey Judiciary

Better Business Bureau

US Government Sites Directory

Online Newsletters, Journals and Magazines

Camara: Boletin de Derech (A Journal of Law)

COJCR Online Journal of Conflict Resolution

Conflict Management in Higher Education

The Online Journal of Peace & Conflict Resolution

Foreign Policy Journal

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

Martin Journal of Peace Research

Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

Nonviolence Today

PARADIGMS: Kent Journ. of International Relations

Peace & Conflict Studies

Peace Magazine

Perspective: Institute of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy

US Department of State: International Info. Programs

World Policy Journal

Working Papers and Articles

Conflict Research Consortium

Improving Intergroup Relations


Intractable Conflict

Peace-keeping Operations

Peer Mediation

Transformative Approaches to Conflict

Resources: An Online Bibliography

Legal Research

Constitution of the United States

Class Action Litigation

Class Action

Professional Organizations

ABA - Section of Dispute Resolution

National Association for Community Mediation

Locating People

The Ultimates (Witness)

Who Where

Expert Pages

USPS (US Postal Service) Zip Codes

Law-Related Search Engines

Internet Legal Resource Guide

Meta-Index for Legal Research


Federal Programs and Agencies

Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

The National Mediation Board

US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Child Advocacy

National Special Education Advocacy

Pediatric Advice


Stock Quotes (free real time)



NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)

Currency Converter

Human Rights

Human Rights Documents

US Human Rights Legislation

NGO Links


Legal Pad

Law Guru


NOAA Weather and Historical Records

ABA Books

New York State Bar Association



US Supreme Court 1990 to Present decisions

The National Law Net

Federal Court Finder

Kelley Blue Book

Wash Law

Dumb Laws

Distance Learning Resources

Resource on Copyright Ownership

Electronic Learning Forum

Internet Classroom Assistant

Legal Dictionaries and Encyclopedia

Law Source

FindLaw Dictionary

Legal Resources

Legal Specific Software

Law Office Computing

Online Law Journals

Washburn Law School

New England Law Review

LBJ Journal of Public Affairs

Journal of Transnational Law and Policy

Business Law Today

Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy

Duke Law and Contemporary Problems

Duke Law Journal

Human Rights Brief

Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law

Law and Technology Online Journals

Intellectual Property and Technology Forum

Journal of Information Law and Technology

Law Practice Management Magazine

Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review

Murdoch University Journal of Law

Law Firms

Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease

Personal Injury Air Craft

Law Firms in India

Immigration Lawyers

Intellectual Property Firms

Michigan Citation Guide

Cornell Law Legal Institute

Human Resources

International Association for HR Information Management

Society for Human Resource Management