students talking and sitting infront of windows with NYC skyline in background


Students who study Political Science and Jurisprudence gain valuable skills to help them find success in a wide variety of fields. The Political Science major creates leaders in politics and public policy internationally and domestically. Also, a path for law school in combination with a Pre-Law minor, most U.S. elected officials either majored or minored in political science or concentrated in similar courses.


  • Communication: Writing, presenting and public speaking
  • Data: Analysis and synthesis
  • Leadership: Problem solving
  • Teamwork: Collaborating and interacting with diverse populations
  • Technology: Digital fluency
  • Thinking: Critical thinking


  • Internships (NJ Government; Law Offices; Campaigns in NJ)
  • Exchange courses with other countries (i.e. Turkey and London School of Economics)
  • Research Symposium
  • Five-year BA-MA in either major