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BA/MA in Political Science, Law and Governance

Are you interested in launching your career at least at an occupational level, higher than entry level?  Are you interested in having an edge on the competition in the race for graduate school or law school?  Do you want to save tuition on a year of graduate school?

If so, consider one of the BA/MA five year programs at Montclair State University:

What are the requirements to enter the BA/MA?

You must have a 3.0 GPA in the major and select the dual degree before the end of your junior year.

What will my program look like?

You can take a single major or a double major in Jurisprudence and Political Science. During your fourth year, you take six credits of graduate courses each semester. These credits count toward both your BA and your MA. In your fifth year, you take 12 credits each semester to complete the MA.

What are my career options after I complete this dual degree?

Our graduates are employed at the United Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGO), in international and domestic companies or in government. The undergraduate degree coupled with an advanced degree in governance, compliance and regulation increases your marketability as a prospective employee.

The major in Political Science exposes undergraduates to the four major subfields of political science – international relations, American government, comparative politics and political theory – and builds upon the liberal learning of our university’s general education curriculum by giving our students the tools to be active citizens and critical thinkers about the role of politics in human life.

The major in Jurisprudence is an interdisciplinary study of law and related fields through the interdisciplinary lens of law. Students acquire intellectual skills in analysis, reasoning and writing. The major is global in approach. The human condition and law which regulates it are explored through related disciplines in courses such as Theories of Conflict, Feminist Jurisprudence, Human Rights Law, International Law, Immigration Law and Ethics.