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Pre-Law Program at Montclair State University

About the Program

At Montclair State, you’ll receive focused preparation and advising, ensuring you take the most advantageous courses to prepare for the LSAT exam. Paired with advice and coaching to help you be competitive in the law school application process, we will ensure you have the best opportunity to be successful following your time here at Montclair State University. As a Pre-Law student, you will attend exciting and valuable activities each semester that include discussions and seminars with law professionals, career and internship workshops, and specialized training to hone professional skills.

You can be part of the Pre-Law Program while fulfilling any major degree program, but students interested in law careers are encouraged to take coursework that requires strong research, writing, and problem-solving skills. These courses will successfully position you for the LSAT and the law school experience.

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Director, Pre-Law Program