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About Us

Philosophy and Mission

The mission of the Political Science and Law Department is to educate about both politics and law within the context of a thorough liberal arts education. The various curricula are pathways to student knowledge of government, politics, public affairs and the legal process emphasizing the responsibilities of participatory citizenship. Course work examines core methodologies of our disciplines, emphasizing the close relationship between politics and law. Students develop abilities to reason logically, to analyze complex ideas involving abstract concepts and intricate interrelationships, to read with understanding and accuracy, and to write with clarity and precision.

Programs in the Department

The Department of Political Science and Law is recognized both internationally and nationally for the quality of its programs and curriculum. We offer state of the art political and legal theory in the classroom and internships. There are internships and practicums in venues running the gamut from municipal, county and state opportunities to international NGOs and a variety of countries. Opportunities to study law with faculty who have multiple degrees in the humanities and social sciences, as well as law degrees, launch students in career trajectories toward the highest levels of government and the judiciary.

Programs of Study