Student Organizations

The Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is an organization of the Student Government Association that promotes campus involvement and political awareness. Becoming informed about our world’s most pressing issues and hear from guest scholars on advanced issues concerning politics and law. This organization provides a venue where students can discuss and debate topics in a friendly and constructive environment.

The Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is an organization of the Student Government Association that strives to provide students with the resources necessary to excel in the law school admissions process. This student organization offers students the assistance, answers and motivation you need to move toward making your legal dreams an enjoyable reality, without the dues or pledging!

Phi Alpha Delta (Pre-Law Fraternity)

The purpose of this professional Fraternity is to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service. Students who continue on to law school will find Phi Alpha Delta chapters in most law schools as well as networking opportunities beyond law school.

Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Society)

The National Political Science Honor Society, is the only honor society for college students of political science and government in the United States. Membership in Pi Sigma Alpha is open to students currently enrolled in programs of political science, who must meet the following criteria: They must be at least juniors who have completed at least ten semester-credits (or 15 quarter-credits if their institution is on the quarter system) of work in political science including at least one upper-division course, with no grade lower than a B in those courses. They must have achieved an overall GPA placing them in the top one-third of their whole class (i.e., junior or senior class). They need NOT be political science majors to qualify for membership. The National Office of Pi Sigma Alpha is located at 1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036. Phone: 202/483-2512. Fax: 202/483-2657. Email: