Public Telescope Nights

Check out the night sky in the CSAM Quad!

  • WHEN: 8-9 PM, Clear Thursdays:
    • September 3 to December 10, not November 26 (Thanksgiving)
    • 7:30 for small kids to see the first quarter Moon on September 24, October 22, November 19.
  • WHERE: In the CSAM Quad outside of Richardson and CELS.
  • TO SEE:
    • The Moon - featured on Sept. 24, Oct. 19, and Nov 19
    • Planets - Saturn in September, Uranus and Neptune in Oct. - Dec.
    • Star clusters - Pleiades in Nov. and Dec.
    • Double stars - Albireo all fall
    • Nebulae - Ring Nebula all fall
    • Galaxies - Andromeda all fall
    • and more

Our telescopes cannot see through clouds! Public Telescope Night will be cancelled if the weather is cloudy, very cold (< 20 F), or very windy. It is considered clear if you can see the moon or ten stars clearly.

Contact Dr. Marc Favata,, for more information.