New Grants in External Funding Awarded to CSAM

Montclair State University has been selected to participate in a National Genomics Research Initiative funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and its Science Education Alliance. 

Sandra Adams and Kirsten Monsen, Biology and Molecular Biology, CSAM, submitted the winning application to the Institute and will be spearheading the program. This project fosters collaborations between scientists and educators to transform science education nationally. The purpose of this project is for students to participate in a course to identify and characterize previously unknown bacteriophages. Approximately 24 incoming freshmen will be selected to participate in the program.

Mark Chopping, Earth and Environmental Studies, CSAM, received $20,000 of an anticipated total $39,975 supplemental request for the project entitled “Forest and Shrub Mapping with MISR”. This project involves work on mapping of forest and shrub canopy structure (height, crown shape and fractional cover) and above-ground woody biomass for diverse environments, over limited sites and larger areas and for multiple orbits and years, using data from MISR.

Sandra Passchier, Earth and Environmental Studies, CSAM, was awarded a three year grant for her research titled, “Expedition Objective Research: Early Pliocene Record of Antarctic Ice Rafting and Paleoenvironmental Conditions, Wilkes Land Margin, Antarctica,” for $183,565. Dr. Passchier along with a Graduate Assistant will analyze core samples from Antarctica to reconstruct Antarctica’s climate and icesheet history in a time of global warming in the past.

Elena Petroff, Biology and Molecular Biology, CSAM, was awarded $320,657 for a three year grant from the National Institutes of Health for the project “Interaction of ASIC and BK Channels and Its Role in Glial Proliferation”. This study will determine the role of acid sensing ion channels (ASICs) as endogenous inhibitors of cell growth through inhibition of voltage activated K+ channels (BK). A Graduate Assistant and three undergraduate research assistants will be assisting Dr. Petroff in her research.