Mathematics PhD News and Events

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Congratulations to Rabab Abi-Hanna

Rabab earned her Ed.D. in Mathematics Education on May 25, 2016.

Art of Sustainable Science

The Mathematical Sciences Department contributes to the ongoing earth day events on campus with a hand crank and a bicycle generator!

The EdD/PhD Math Education team of students and faculty at the symposium.

Mathematics Education EdD and PhD students present at the 10th Annual Student Research Symposium

Madhavi Vishnubhotla, Debasmita Basu, Zareen Rahman, Justin Seventko, Ceire Monahan, Karmen Yu, and Marylu Dalton presented their research at this year's symposium.

Mathematics EdD students present at 9th Annual Student Research Symposium

Debasmita Basu, Jason McManus, Zareen Rahman, Justin Seventko, Trina Wooten, and Karmen Yu presented their research at this year's symposium.

Zareen Rahman, Jason McManus, Kristen Trabona (TETD program), and Justin Seventko

Math Education EdD students present paper at the AERA annual national conference

Jason McManus, Zareen Rahman, and Kristen Trabona (TETD) presented their paper “Fostering Science Teacher Leadership”

Math Education EdD student recognized by NSF

Justin Seventko receives Honorable Mention for proposal to the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program

@ISSUE: How can math be made more interesting for students?

Jason McManus featured in the Asbury Park Press with a guest editorial