NJSOC Announcements

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Kathryn Hausman

Students participate in a challenge as part of the Action Socialization Experiences.

NJSOC hosts Bordentown Middle School

Bordentown seventh graders learn about the natural environment in Stokes State Forest

Michael Melchiorre

Students investigate different plant species during the Plant Ecology class.

Jersey City Joint Activities Continue Environmental Education Tradition

Enthusiastic Jersey City students relish the outdoor experience in Stokes State Forest

Amanda Menasion

Students enjoy the peace and serenity of a perfect autumn day on Lake Wapalanne.

Livingston Park School Has Outdoor Learning Experience at NJSOC

Continuing their long time commitment to environmental education, the Livingston Park School makes their annual pilgrimage to the School of Conservation.

Kate Hausman

A student takes on the Climbing wall during his stay at the NJSOC.

NJSOC Welcomes Solomon Schecter

Amanda Menasion

Students look for aquatic invertebrates during Water Ecology.

Harrington Park School Has Environmental Learning Experience at the NJSOC

The sixth graders from Harrington Park 'go wild' in Stokes State Forest.

Kate Hausman

Students concentrate on capturing some images of Lake Wapalanne during the Conservation Photography class.

The Hewitt School Visits NJSOC

Amanda Menasion

Working Together: Students learn the value of working together to solve challenges during the Action Socialization Experiences.

Lincoln School Students Make Connections at the NJSOC

Garwood school returns to the NJSOC for environmental programing

Amanda Menasion

Students enjoy a beautiful sunny day on Lake Wapalanne.

Newark Christian School Students Explore the Outdoors at the New Jersey School of Conservation

Amanda Menasion

Students build confidence on the Climbing Wall

NJSOC Welcomes Gill St. Bernard's School

NJSOC kicks off 2015 academic year with school from Gladstone

Dr. Pope Sheds Light on NJSOC Boulder Field

As part of a semester long project in Geomorphology, Dr. Gregory Pope and his students studied the properties of a large boulder field just east of Lake Wapalanne.