University Leadership

Board of Trustees

Voting Members

Ms. Susan L. Blount, Secretary
Mr. Aleksey Bychov, Student
Ms. Rose C. Cali
Mr. Michael L. Carter
Dr. Francis M.C. Cuss
Mr. Mitchell E. Hersh
Mr. George J. Hiltzik, Vice Chair
Mr. Douglas L. Kennedy
Mr. Ralph A. LaRossa, Chair
Mr. Thomas Maguire
Mr. John L. McGoldrick
Mr. William T. Mullen
Ms. Christine L. Padilla
Mr. Preston D. Pinkett III
Mr. J. Thomas Presby

Non-voting Members

Mr. Kyle Bunting, Student
Dr. Susan A. Cole

Faculty Representative

Prof. Jack Baldwin-LeClair

Officers of the University

Susan A. Cole

Willard P. Gingerich
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gregory W. Bressler
Vice President for University Facilities

Edward V. Chapel
Vice President for Information Technology

Donald D. Cipullo
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Jerry M. Cutler
Vice President for Human Resources

Karen L. Pennington
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life

John T. Shannon, Jr.
Vice President for University Advancement

Valerie Van Baaren
University Counsel

Academic Deans

E. LaBrent Chrite
Dean, School of Business

Joan C. Ficke
Dean, The Graduate School

Daniel A. Gurskis
Dean, College of the Arts

Judith Lin Hunt
Dean, Library Services

Marietta Morrissey
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Francine P. Peterman
Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Robert Prezant
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics