I'm a Commuter Student... (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I park?

The main Commuter Lots are Car Parc Diem, Lot 21, Lot 24 Lot 28, Lot 60, and Lot 61. There is also the NJ Transit Parking Deck and the Red Hawk Deck. Car Parc Diem is across the street from Dinallo Heights. All the lots are spread throughout the campus. NJ Transit Parking Deck is on Clove Road across the street from Sinatra Hall and The Village. Red Hawk Deck is on the left hand side of the University Police station as well as near College Hall.

2. Where can I eat with my Red Hawk dollars?

All Commuters, you are allowed to eat with your Red Hawk Dollars anywhere on campus. There are also some off-campus vendors that accept Red Hawk Dollars and can easily be found on the MSU website. On the main website, you can click on Quicklinks, then click Dining. After clicking on dining, there will be a few tabs that you can click on Dining Options and you will see the option to click on Red Hawk Dollar off-campus vendors. On that page, you will be provided with all the off-campus vendors along with their times and locations. 

3. Can Commuters get a meal plan? If so which one?

All Commuters are welcome to get a meal plan. Visit the Dining website through quicklinks located on the main MSU page. Click on the Meal Plan tab and then the option stating Meal Plan Forms. The form you want to click on is the Student Dining Service Agreement which will provide you with the all the meal plans available and their price.

4. Where can I find the bus schedule? 

The link to the bus schedule could be found under the Commuting Tab on the right hand side. It will provide you with all the buses that travel to Montclair State University and their times. It also provides you with the type of shuttles on campus, their location, an app to find out what time they will be arriving at a certain location, and  the number and message to text to find out what time they will be arriving at a certain location as well.

You can also find the bus schedule at the following link: http://www.montclair.edu/student-development-campus-life/commuter-students/commuting-and-msu/

5. Where can I print? Color Print?

There are several places to print on campus. With your student ID you can access printers in the computer labs located in the Student Center on the first floor, the fifth floor of University Hall, as well as the first floor of the Sprague library. Color printing is available in both the University Hall computer lab and the Sprague library.

6. How do I put red hawk dollars on my card?

There are several methods of putting Red Hawk dollars on your account. You can visit the red machines located around the corner from the vending machines in the Student Center 1st floor, in front of the C-store and in the Library as well. You can also visit this link: https://services.jsatech.com/index.php?cid=222 and do it manually online or choose other options as to how you want your income for Red Hawk Dollars to be brought in.

7. How do I go about getting a locker?

 You can get a locker at the CSI office on the first floor of the Student Center around the corner from the bookstore between 8:30-4:30pm. The lockers are located near the commuter lounge, the bookstore, in the Library, and the Recreation Center. The Recreation lockers are $50 if you would like a full size and $40 for a half size. The lockers near the commuter lounge and the bookstore are $15 that will be returned to you when you return the key at the end of the year and you are to provide your student detailed schedule along with your school ID. The lockers in the library are....

8. Where can I heat up my food?

Commuter students, you are all welcome to heat up your food in the following locations on campus: the C-Store, the Student Government office, and CSI. All of these places are located in the Student Center, first floor. While CSI is open until late at night, the microwave is put away at 4:30pm. The C-Store is open 8am-10pm, Monday through Thursday and 8am-3pm on Fridays.The SGA office is open Monday -Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-1pm. 

9. Where can I get discounted movie tickets?

Oooo, Discounted movie ticket!! Commuters, you are all welcome to find discounted movie tickets in the SGA(Student Government Association) office on the first floor of the Student Center around the corner from the bookstore. There are two types of movie tickets sold at the price of $5 and $7. The $5 movie tickets are useful for movies that have a week out already. The $7 movie tickets are useful for movies that come out on the day and week of.

10. Where can I get discounted transportation passes?

Click on this link: and it will direct you to 25% Monthly discounted passes and provide you with instructions on how to sign up for them. They allow you to sign up for discounted passes for Nj Transit buses and trains. In need of more specific instructions or help, visit Commuter Association Resources and Services, in the Student Center, room 200.

NjTransit Discounted Passes: http://www.montclair.edu/campus-life/the-basics/getting-around/nj-transit/ 

11. Where can I go for tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions are provided by the Center for Academic Development and Assessment(CADA) in Webstar Hall, Room 117. They provide you with tutoring services in Business, Communication, Physics Sciences, and more. Tutoring sessions for subjects such as Calculus, Spanish, Accounting, and more are also provided by the Residential Education and Services office in Dinallo Heights and Freeman-Russ Hall.

CADA website with the tutoring schedule: http://www.montclair.edu/student-development-campus-life/center-academic-development-assessment/tutoring/.

             Residential Education and Services: Academic Resource Center website with the tutoring schedule: http://www.montclair.edu/residential-education/campus-living/academic-resource-center/.

12. Where can I find an on campus jobs?

On campus jobs are always posted on the Careers website. The link to the Careers Website is: http://www.montclair.edu/career-services/employment/on-campus-jobs/. They provide you with on campus jobs and their requirements as well as off-campus jobs that can be useful for your career and studies.

13. Where can I find more specific details about the locations of buildings on campus?

The specific details about the locations of buildings on campus are located on the Commuting tab on the left hand side. It will provide you with nearby locations (and a picture or link of what the building looks like).

14. Where shall I find any leadership positions?

There are leadership positions all over campus which can be found specifically in the Student Center room 110. There is also a link provided: montclair.edu/student-leadership. They provide you with many benefits. They also have many social media ways in order with you to connect with them. 

      Facebook: MontclairStateLeadership

      Twitter: MSUleadership

      Instagram: MSUleadership

15. What is CSI? 

CSI is the Center for Student Involvement. It is responsible for co-curricular and extracurricular programming, in which all students at Montclair State University are encouraged to participate. In addition to working with all student organizations on campus, special emphasis is placed on the needs of the commuter student. The link to the CSI website is: http://www.montclair.edu/student-development-campus-life/center-student-involvement/.