Commuter Assistance Mentorship Program

What is CAMP?

The Commuter Assistance Mentorship Program (CAMP) is a program that matches upper-class commuters with first-year commuter students to assist with their transition to college. Incoming first-year commuter students can apply starting June or at Orientation. Spots are limited!

If you are a first-year commuter student or transfer, and you are interested in receiving a commuter mentor, please email:

Meet Our Mentors!

  • Aislinn Bram
  • Jenisa Esertras
  • Leslie Guerra
  • Ana Hilario
  • Leen Khashashina
  • Francesca Leonard
  • Tara Levine
  • Gabriela Lopez
  • Josh Mariscal
  • Nicole Merendino
  • Jasmine Metellus
  • Jade Phan
  • Mahnoor Piracha