View of the rails at the Montclair Train Station


There are a number of different ways to get to, and around campus.

NJ Transit


Montclair State is home to two train stations on its campus.

  • The Montclair State University Station (north end of campus near the Village)
  • Montclair Heights Station (south end of campus near Panzer)


Five bus lines currently operate on campus. Four from NJ Transit and one private carrier.

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NJ Transit Mobile Quik-Tik Program

To promote the use of public transportation to campus, Montclair State and NJ Transit have partnered to offer full-time students, both undergraduate and graduate, a 25% discount on a rail, bus or light rail monthly pass when they enroll through NJ Transit’s Mobile Quik-Tik Program!

New to Mobile Student Program?

Getting started is easy.

  1. Login to enroll.
  2. Fill in all required fields on the registration form.
  3. Verify your full-time status and student (.edu) email address.
  4. Download the NJ TRANSIT App and buy your Mobile Student Monthly Pass.

After you sign up, the discounted student pass can be purchased directly from the NJ TRANSIT mobile app. Passes may be purchased from the 19th of the preceding month through the 10th of the month that the pass is valid.

Existing Mobile Student Monthly Users

If you are an existing Mobile Student Monthly customer, you need to reactivate your account at the start of each semester. Here’s how:

  1. Login to reactivate your account.
  2. Login to NJ TRANSIT with your student (.edu) email and the password.
  3. Verify your full-time status and student email address.
  4. Buy your Mobile Student Monthly Pass.

Why Mobile Student Monthly Passes?

Mobile passes offer the convenience of purchasing and displaying your student monthly pass on your mobile device. No need to pre-pay or wait for a paper ticket in the mail. Buy at your leisure.

Students who participate in this program agree that the monthly pass is for their exclusive use only. Each student is eligible to receive one discounted monthly pass per month. Passes are non-transferable. Any abuse or purposeful deception will result in the cancellation of the student’s monthly pass account, and (s)he will be unable to participate in the program in the future. This will also apply to any other student who is knowingly involved.


Our shuttle fleet helps transport students around campus from different shuttle stops around campus. This is convenient for students who park in Lot 60.

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We encourage students, faculty and staff to use bicycles while on campus! Students with a valid University ID have the option of renting a bicycle from Campus Recreation to use for free! There are several bicycle racks located on campus if you choose to rent one or bring your own.

Bike Lending Program


Every day members of the Montclair State community drive to campus and back home again, dealing with the frustration of congested NJ roadways and paying the rising price of gas at the pump on top of it. So why not carpool? By carpooling, we can:
  • Save fuel.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Decrease wear and tear by rotating cars.
  • Make friends sharing a ride.

This Carpool Directory allows Montclair State students, faculty and staff to post their commuting information and seek out colleagues traveling similar routes who are interested in sharing a ride often or occasionally. Sign in using your Montclair State University NetID and password to post your information, then search to find fellow carpoolers.

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Need wheels? No problem! Montclair State has partnered with Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing service, to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the campus.

Students, along with faculty and staff, can join for only $25.00! Members will have 24/7 access to Zipcars at discounted rates starting at $7.50 per hour or $69.00 per day. Our Zipcars are located in Lot 20 (by the Student Recreation Center) and in the parking lot at the NJ Transit Train Station.

Provided with their own unique Zipcars, members can unlock their Zipcars after a reservation is made online or with the Zipcar smartphone application. Gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance are included.

Learn More About Zipcars!