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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Office of Commuter Life?

The Office of Commuter Life (OCL) is an office within the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) that aims to create programs and initiatives to connect and engage with commuter students at Montclair State. Through these different programs, OCL aims to influence commuter students by keeping them as active and involved on campus as possible, while also creating programs that meet the needs of their schedules.

What are Commuter Pit Stops?

Commuter Pit Stops are different lounges that are scattered throughout Montclair State’s Main Campus with different amenities that commuter students can use during their downtime here. There are over 20 different Commuter Pit Stops in various buildings around campus, each supplied with different amenities and resources; some include quiet spaces, dining locations, study spaces, microwaves, charging stations for your mobile devices and more!

Check out our Commuter Pit Stop Map to find your new favorite pit stop!

Where can I park on campus?

Each of the general commuter parking lots is marked with a yellow tag on both their campus signage and on the Campus Parking Map located on the Parking Services website. The largest general commuter lots are Car Parc Diem, Lot 60 and Lot 45. Car Parc Diem is situated at the heart of main campus, across from Dinallo Heights. Lot 60 lies on the edge of campus before the entrance ramp to Route 46 and Lot 45 lies behind the Village Apartments on Clove Rd. adjacent to Lot 60. Both Lots 45 and 60 are a 20-minute walk to campus and have shuttle stops to take students to and from campus.

Can Commuters purchase a meal plan? How?

All commuter students are welcome to purchase a meal plan, but unlike resident students, they are not required to purchase one. There are multiple different meal plan options for commuter students, some of which supply added perks like free meal coupons that are received via Montclair State email or free Red Hawk gear.

To find a meal plan that meets the needs of your schedule or to purchase a meal plan for the coming year, check out the Dining Services website to learn more.

Where can I use my Red Hawk Dollars?

Red Hawk Dollars can be used virtually everywhere on campus, including all dining locations on campus, including the C-Store in the Student Center, and all vending machines on campus. Red Hawk Dollars may also be used to purchase non-food items in the University Bookstore, purchase a parking permit, or pay a parking citation. There are off-campus vendors that accept Red Hawk Dollars, as well, and can be found here – Accepting Locations.

To learn how to load more Red Hawk Dollars onto your account, different ways to use them, and more, please visit the Red Hawk Dollars website.

How do I rent a locker on campus?

You can rent a locker through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), in Student Center. Room 104. Locker rentals are a one-time $15.00 fee, which is returned to the student at the end of the semester when they hand in their locker key. There are approximately 100 lockers located in the Student Center near the Red Hawk Nest and the University Bookstore; it is strongly recommended that students opt for a locker rental during the first week of classes as rentals run out quickly.

There are, also, lockers located in the Student Recreation Center for semesterly rental–rates and rental information can be found here.


How do I get involved on campus? Where do I look?

There is an abundance of opportunities on campus for students to get involved. There are more than 80 different student organizations within the Student Government Association, Inc. (SGA), as well as 43 different Greek organizations within Greek Life, for students to get involved. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is responsible for co-curricular and extracurricular programming outside of the SGA, and hosts a variety of on-campus events and off-campus trips to Broadway, Hershey Park, Six Flags and more.

After setting up their NetID, students are able to access Engage, a one-stop shop for all things student involvement-related. It is highly recommended for students to use Engage to learn more about different programs and events that are happening around campus.