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Channel creativity and build strategies in the marketing program. Are you an analytical thinker with an artistic streak? All that stands between you and a dynamic marketing career is a top-notch education and real-life experience. Businesses today rely on powerful product and branding messages to build profitable connections with target audiences. That makes a savvy marketer critical to the success of any organization – and always in demand.

Career Opportunities

Undergraduate Programs

BS in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration

As a marketing student, you will learn how to influence consumer perceptions, create marketing plans, develop and launch new products, price, promote and distribute new products, identify and define a target audience, and create messaging that connects with a given target audience.

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Graduate Programs

MBA in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration

The course offerings in Marketing also showcase the richness and depth of this area of study, including product development, pricing, promotion, launch and distribution, positioning and branding for consumer, business and institutional audiences, consumer behavior and implications for creating successful strategies, and applying traditional and digital marketing practices on a global scale.

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Digital Marketing Certificate Program

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