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Human Resources Management (Certificate) Online

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Human Resources Management (Certificate) Online

The Human Resources Management certificate program comprises a series of courses offered by Montclair State University that culminate in a non-degree professional certificate for successful participants. The courses cover major topics in human resources management (HRM) aimed at working professionals with an undergraduate degree or post-graduate students. This program aims to provide critical knowledge and skills to professionals and students who are interested in advancing a career in the field of human resources management. The course will prepare HR managers to become full business partners in the formulation and achievement of organizational objectives. The program focuses on the areas of strategic planning, talent selection, employee development and global workforce management.

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Admission Requirements

The Office of Graduate Admissions requires the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to apply for a graduate program. Applicants with non-U.S. degrees, please visit the International Applicants to review the U.S. degree equivalency information.

Application Checklist

In order to make applying for graduate school as seamless as possible for you, we have
created an application checklist. This checklist can be a reference point for you during the
application process to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the steps
needed to apply, as well as all of corresponding supplemental materials for your specific
program of interest.

  • Application Deadline: Rolling Admission.
  • Submit Online Application: Please create your online account and submit your application by following the general application instructions. Once this step has been completed, the online portal will allow you to upload your supplemental materials.

The following is a list of the supplemental materials that will accompany your application for the Human Resources Management (Certificate) Online program:

  • Transcript: One from each college attended.
  • Essays/Personal Statement: Please write an integrated essay providing a response to each of the following questions.
    • What are your goals for graduate study and your future career?
    • In what ways do your academic background and your professional experiences provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected and in your eventual career?
    • Please give specific examples of relevant coursework and/or experience.
    • Is there any further information we should consider in assessing your candidacy?
  • Resume: Required.
  • Applicants with non-U.S. degrees, please visit the International Applicants page to review the US degree equivalency information.

The academic program for this certificate comprises six (1.5 credits) graduate-level courses for a total of nine credits and is fully online. The duration of each course is 8 weeks.

To view the curriculum for this program please visit the Human Resources Management program listing in the University Catalog.

MGMT562 Organizational Behavior (1.5 credits)

This course provides students an understanding of behavior in organizations within a management context. This course examines organizational systems and structure, leadership, power and influence, teambuilding, organizational conflict, systems of communication, motivation, interpersonal dynamics and values, and organizational change and renewal. The course explores the role of modern forces in the organizational environment such as workplace diversity and economic globalization.

MGMT570 Strategic Human Resource Management 

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how firms may use and manage HR as a source of competitive advantage. Students develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and processes inherent in strategy formulation and implementation, the alignment of HR and business strategies, the role of workforce attributes and HR systems in these decisions, and the transformation of HR from an administrative to a strategic function.

MGMT583 Managing Global Workforce (1.5 credits)

The course provides an overview of managing human resources in a cross-cultural and cross-national context. The objective of the course is to expose students to best practices so that future managers can effectively manage employees in an increasingly diverse and globalized business environment.

MGMT584 Talent Management (1.5 credits)

This course presents a comprehensive overview of how to develop an effective talent management strategy. Topics include workforce analysis, talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, leadership development, succession planning, retention, and engagement.

MGMT585 Human Resource Analytics (1.5 credits)

HR analytics involves systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to improve decisions about effective management of human resources in organizations. The course takes a strategic view of an organization’s use of HR data and its measurement systems. The course prepares students to identify HR metrics that align with a company’s mission and goals. It explains the characteristics of high-quality data and equips students to find and collect that data, inside or outside the organization. Students will also learn about effective data analysis and interpretation techniques and strategies for managing data-based HRM systems.

MGMT586 Contemporary Topics in Human Resource Management (1.5 credits)

This course covers legal topics in HRM as well as emerging topics that may be relevant to HRM professionals. This course provides a survey of significant laws and regulations that affect the practice of HRM in the U.S. Topics include an overview of relevant employment regulations; wage and hourly benefits; EEO and Affirmative Action; and labor/employee relations and safety laws, rules, and regulations. All phases of managing legal and regulatory responsibility are covered–from recruitment through termination. Instruction illustrates the challenges of balancing the rights and responsibilities of employees and management.


If you have any general questions regarding the application process and requirements, please email or call us:

Office of Graduate Admissions
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If you have specific inquiries regarding your program of interest, please contact the Human Resources Management (Certificate) Online Advisor or Program Coordinator:

Program Coordinator: Lisa Brooks Greaux
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