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The Journey From Feliciano to Disney

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Frank Favata graduated with a marketing degree from the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University in 2016 with the hopes of landing with a major media or entertainment company.  From his current position at Disney, where he works on both the Disney+ and Hulu streaming services, he’s part of a growing industry that’s overtaking how people experience home entertainment.

According to Nielsen, U.S. consumers now spend more time watching streaming platforms than traditional cable television channels – the once-dominant platform for television viewing.

Frank is part of that change at Disney.  As a Senior Product Manager for Disney+ and Hulu, he helps shape the viewing experience for Disney and Hulu viewers and assures that advertisers are effectively connecting with their target audiences through those platforms.

Prior to joining Disney in 2022, Frank worked for the NY Red Bulls (where he interned during his time at Feliciano), as well as NBCUniversal, and WarnerBros. Discovery.  At WarnerBros. Discovery, Frank worked across both streaming and podcast platforms, doubling down on his experience with fast-growing media platforms.

At Disney, Frank noted the importance of learning from colleagues and managers, “I am continually impressed by the expertise of my coworkers, which I try and take advantage of by seeking out dedicated 1×1 sessions that allow me to ask more in-depth questions.”

Looking back on his experience at the Feliciano School of Business, Frank appreciated how his classes connected directly to the career he was pursuing, “some of my Marketing classes directly applied to the work that I do today, and I leaned into those classes not only in terms of the coursework but in getting to know the Professors and their backgrounds and experiences”.

Frank’s advice for current students is to focus on specific marketing areas and careers, “find out what areas of marketing are most interesting to you. Look up companies that you think excel in those areas and figure out what it takes to work there.”

His final advice to students was “don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.” In the rough and tumble world of media, this Feliciano School of Business alum has learned what only experience can teach: Fortune favors the bold.