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Global Programs and Partnerships

Global Programs and Partnerships
As an integral part of our School, we strive to build and maintain strategic alliances worldwide. Our goal is to facilitate international collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovative initiatives that have a positive impact on the Feliciano community.

Through our office’s efforts, we aim to make a positive impact by leveraging the power of global collaboration and partnerships. By connecting diverse stakeholders, promoting knowledge exchange, and driving innovative solutions, we strive to contribute to a more interconnected and prosperous world.

Study Abroad
If you are an international student to wish to come to Feliciano School of Business, click here

For Undergraduate Students
The Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University offers a variety of programs for our students to study abroad with. Whether this is a short-term Faculty-Led program that allows a student to integrate a study abroad experience into their semester or a semester-long exchange at another institution overseas, we believe that Studying Abroad allows students a crucial opportunity to gain insights to our ever-changing world.

These programs come at a variety of price points that make studying abroad more accessible to students. Depending on which program type you are interested in, students are eligible to utilize loans and grants that are typically applied to their semesters at Montclair State University. In our exchange programs, that means that you can attend a foreign institution for the same price as a semester at Montclair State University. In terms of our faculty-led programs, students can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for an immersive and highly guided experience in a country overseas with their classmates and professors.

In addition, we offer a variety of scholarships and guidance to apply for additional scholarships that are federal, diversity-based, region specific, and so much more. Because of this, we encourage students to connect with Study Abroad advisors to discuss a course of action for affordability. For more detailed information, click here

For MBA Graduate Students
The Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University offers a rigorous and competitive MBA program that allows you to stand out in the market through the skills you gain in your program.

One of the cornerstones of the MBA program is our integration of study abroad into your coursework to ensure that you are a standout amongst competitors in the workplace. This study abroad experience is included in the cost of your tuition and allows students to integrate their business skills directly into the world through hands-on engagements with businesses, charities, and organizations in different countries each year.

This mandatory portion of the MBA programs allow students to experience cultural activities in the destination that they are visiting, to utilize their skills to help those who are less fortunate, allows practical applications of information learned in the classroom to global businesses, and lastly, students to gain insights of large corporations and how they function in different markets than the United States.

Disney International College Program
Montclair State University is proud to be the forerunner in the Disney International College Program and its unique structure allows the program to stand out against its competitors.

This innovative program integrates learning through hands-on learning in the classroom, experiences in New York City and the metropolitan area, and through an internship that allows students to strengthen their language skills and their undergraduate portfolio.

After arriving, students will then begin a ten-day experience that allows them to understand the influence of New York City on the American Identity, see trends in marketing and consumerism, and understand how businesses in the United States both influence the consumer and in return how the individual influences the market. These experiences are both framed by the business mindset and the tourism industry, allowing students to have a better framework to approach their six-month internship in Walt Disney World. And even upon their arrival to Orlando, Florida they will continue to receive student support services by Montclair State University.

As part of their internship, students receive world class training at the Walt Disney World Resort, including Traditions (an introduction to the company’s heritage, culture and standards), line of business training, property orientation and on-the-job training. Additionally, there are many other training and professional development activities students can participate in at the Walt Disney World Resort including the professional development series, Disney Exploration series, Conversations With/Career Insights/ Spotlight on Lectures, My Disney Career Series, Disney College Program Alumni Speaker Series, and Harvard Business School online learning offerings targeted on improving career-related skills.

What separates Montclair State University from other institutions is not only the history and success rate of thousands of students that have emerged through the program from institutions overseas, but the care that we have for each step of the journey. By the time students leave this experience not only will they have the life changing experience that a Walt Disney World can provide, but a network of professional support and personal connection that only Montclair State University can deliver.