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Bridging the Digital Health Divide: Navigating the Convergence of Technology, Data, and Analytics in Modern Healthcare

Posted in: Information Management and Business Analytics

AIM Research recently interviewed Jason G. Cooper, the Chief Technology Officer at Paradigm, who has extensive experience in harnessing the power of technology, data, and analytics to drive tangible business value.  During the interview, Jason shared his insight on a number of current and anticipated industry trends.

One particular area discussed was Jason’s role on Montclair State University’s Business Analytics advisory board and his transformative impact on relevant analytics curriculum and education. In highlighting this work on the Advisory Board, Jason stated, “we focus on curriculum development, advise on new analytics specializations / tracks, and help support students in their capstone projects.  From helping to shape curriculum that’s relevant to industry needs to providing real-world examples for students, this advisory board has improved the quality and relevance of graduate analytics education.”

To read more:  https://aimresearch.co/2023/04/25/bridging-the-digital-health-divide-navigating-the-convergence-of-technology-data-and-analytics-in-modern-healthcare/