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Two Approaches to Experiential Learning

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Dr. Rashmi Jain, professor in the Information Management & Business Analytics department at Montclair State University and Eileen Weisenbach Keller, the Director of Business Experience at Northern Kentucky University both recently discussed in an AACSB article the clear benefits that hands-on experiences provide to help student prepare for the job market.

Dr. Jain discussed how experiential learning is embedded in the Business Analytics Capstone course. Working directly within companies, the students work individually or in teams using “real world date to analyze problems, then communicate their findings to interested stakeholders and receive detailed feedback in return.”

These projects engage students in using data to solve real business problems and help develop and apply critical skills including

  • Organizing and leading projects
  • Building hands-on familiarity with analytical tools applied for business solutions
  • Using visualization tools to communicate to business audiences
  • Placing projects within a larger business context

 To read more:   https://www.aacsb.edu/insights/articles/2023/04/two-approaches-to-experiential-learning