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From Feliciano to Fashion Nina Russo Creates at Calvin Klein

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TikTok has emerged as one of the most powerful forces in modern marketing, and Nina Russo’s job is to harness that power for Calvin Klein, one of the world’s leading fashion brands. She
works with TikTok creators from around the globe to highlight Calvin Klein’s distinctive styles and fashions.

According to Nina, “TikTok fans won’t watch traditional ‘commercials’, but are looking for creator content, behind-the-scenes lives of celebrities, or the special details of Calvin Klein fashions.”

The TikTok audience for fashion has been growing rapidly, and Nina notes “it’s great to see fans discover and interact with our TikTok content. It makes months of planning worth it!”

Before joining Calvin Klein, Nina was a social media marketer at Paramount, where she helped develop social media marketing for media properties as diverse as SpongeBob, Paw Patrol and Yellowstone.

Nina graduated from the Feliciano School of Business in 2018 with a concentration in Marketing. While she cites the importance of learning the “pillars” of business and marketing at Feliciano, she also observed that learning to work as part of a team was critical, since collaboration is very much “a real world” skill that needs developing. Nina also encourages current Feliciano marketing students to get experience by connecting with local businesses.

“Anyone can be a social media manager or digital marketer. Internships, and overall experiences, are key to convincing your future employers that you have the skills to voice their brand. If you don’t know where to start, ask a local business to create content and post for them.”

Nina also observes that user-generated content has transformed marketing, and for major fashion brands like Calvin Klein, the traditional “media plan” needs to adjust to a dynamic market of creators, brands and followers. The crossroads of those forces is where Nina Russo spends her days.