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Business Relationships and Professional Selling Minor

Achieve Success in Business Relationships & Professional Selling

The Minor in Business Relationships and Professional Selling helps students develop  professional influencing skills. These include self-awareness, impression management, relationship technology, team management and interaction, planning business meetings, and closing sales. These skills are complementary to all majors including business, sciences, social justice, sociology, psychology and the arts. As you pursue a hectic undergraduate degree it is worthwhile to think about how you can enhance your job prospects and the complementary skills required to accelerate your early career.

The minor in business relationships and professional selling takes a practical focus in developing your ability to create the professional influence that makes you attractive to job opportunities and provide essential impression management skills within the organization. The New Jersey and Greater New York City area has an abundance of sales, business development, relationship management, consulting, and financial management opportunities in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical engineering, sports, entertainment and banking and finance sectors.

Program Overview

The highlight of this program is that it exposes students to experienced business managers and relationship technology. The professional selling course brings real world managers into the classroom to teach students. Additionally, students are mentored and provided with feedback on assignments and presentations by experience managers with sales and marketing backgrounds. Students develop the skills of introducing themselves, pitching their ideas or products and gaining business partner commitment. Second highlight of the program is it focuses on salesforce technology and its use in managing relationships. Students are required to do several modules of Salesforce CRM Application on initiating and managing customer relationships, analytics, cloud and service management. A sales internship will offer students the ability to graduate with real experience in customer interaction and impression management.

Program Benefits

Upon completion of the Business Relationships & Professional Selling minor, students will be able to:

  1. Develop qualitative and quantitative client business research skills required to fully understand a customer’s business and buying decisions;
  2. Learn the communication skills required to persuade consumers, business professionals, governments and not-for profits to commit to ideas, services and products;
  3. Develop the ability to “think on their feet,” addressing questions as they make sales presentations;
  4. Learn the fundamental concepts of designing an organizational structure, rewarding and motivating sales people across geographic markets;
  5. Learn Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology involved in a modern selling and client management environment;
  6. Learn team-selling and leadership skills required for large client environments and partnerships;
  7. Learn the importance and relevance of observing proper ethical principles in managing business relationships, selling and managing salespeople.
  8. Exposure to and feedback from managers and executives at aspirational firms

Application Process

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