Photo of Linda Flynn advising a student.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Welcome to Academic Advising Services in the College for Community Health!

The goal of academic advising is to help our undergraduate students create an academic plan toward graduation. Through advising, students become familiar with the requirements for general education and completion of their specific degree program. We are also available to assist in solving any academic problems students may encounter during their time at Montclair State University.

More specifically, advisors in the Student Success Center are here to assist students who have declared a major or minor in one of the College for Community Health departments. 

Students with undeclared majors are assigned an advisor through University College; however, our advisors are happy to meet with students interested in a major or minor within the College for Community Health to provide them with additional information.

Although upperclassmen are not required to meet with an advisor prior to the start of each semester, it is strongly recommended that you meet with someone prior to every semester to stay on track to graduation and review your degree audit. Self-advisement is not recommended.

Mandatory Advising

Freshman students who have earned less than 30 credits at Montclair State University are required to meet with an advisor PRIOR to registering for courses. Students will need a registration pin in order to register for classes. Without this pin, students will be prevented from registering for courses until they meet with their advisor.

Transfer Student Advising

Transfer students will work with their respective Department Advisor/Administrator for their major to create a course schedule for their first semester at Montclair State University. Advisors in the Student Success Center are available to review this schedule and discuss future plans after the student has first met with their Department Administrator.

Incoming First-Year Student Advising

Incoming first-year students will have their schedules developed for them. Learn more information for incoming first-year students.

CCHL Academic Advising Services will provide services for the following:

  • Identifying and creating a plan for degree requirements
  • Reviewing degree audit
  • Assistance in selecting and declaring a major, minor, and/or concentration
  • Referral to college and campus resources
  • Assisting with forms necessary for multiple academic needs (i.e. credit adjustments)