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Dr. Maria Cioè-Peña Speaks about Pandemic Schooling for Students with Dis/abilities

Guest speaker on Political Encounters with Dr. Edwin Mayorga

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Photo of Dr. Maira Cioe-Pena

Dr. Maria Cioè-Peña, Assistant Professor in the Teaching and Learning Department, recently took part in a radio conversation with Dr. Edwin Mayorga on Political Encounters, Episode: Pandemic Schooling for students with dis/abilities.

Dr. Mayorga noted, “As the school year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial injustice is beginning online and in various blended models, the questions of social and educational equity persist.  In this episode of encuentros politicos, the third one in an ongoing series titled Pandemic Schooling, we turn our attention to the often-overlooked needs of students with dis/abilities and their families.”

Dr. Cioè-Peña’s interests are deeply rooted in language practices and dis/ability awareness within schools and families. María was recently awarded first place for 2019 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year by the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE). Her work is very intersectional and touches on the following areas: Disability Studies, Inclusion, Special Education, Bilingual Education, Translanguaging, Urban Education, Latinx issues, Mothering/Motherhood, Immigrant issues, and Descriptive Inquiry