Dr. Tanya Maloney, Assistant Professor in Teaching and Learning; Dr. Bree Picower, Associate Professor in Teaching and Learning; and Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Professor and Executive Director of the Center of Pedagogy; recently received a $3,692,915 5-year grant for their project entitled “Teacher Quality Partnership grant for the Urban Teacher Residency at Montclair State University: UTR@MSU.” Dr. Maloney is the Principal Investigator and Drs. Picower and Robinson are co-Principal Investigators.

Dr. Mayida Zaal was awarded $500,000 from the Spencer Foundation’s Large Research Grant on Education for her study “Teacher Diversity, Retention, and Muslim-American Teachers”. The grant will support the first national-study of Muslim-American K-12 teachers and will be conducted by a seven-member participatory action research collective, Reclaiming: ME (Muslim Educator).

The debate over which history to teach in public school is ongoing. In September 2020 the Trump administration prohibited coverage of anti-racist and racial sensitivity training in federal agencies, criticized the 1619 Project, and proposed patriotic education. Then the Administration, through its Secretary of Education lauded the roll out of the 1776 Unites Curriculum. This panel will share where U.S. history lessons begin for them and recommend strategies for learning in home based and school classrooms.

Panelists: Dr. Leslie Wilson, Historian and Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Science, Montclair State University; Ms.
Kimya Jackson, Teacher and Assistant Principal, Redwood Elementary; Dr. Jessica Ferreras-Stone, Assistant Professor, Western Washington University; Dr. Zoe Burkholder, Historian, Montclair State University; Mr. Kevin Arroyo; and Moderator: Dr. Danné E. Davis, Associate Professor, Montclair State University.

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The Department of Teaching and Learning offers rigorous training, innovative research, and a network of partnerships to prepare teachers for the reality of schooling and to be equipped to recognize and disrupt systemic and social inequality.


Montclair State University is committed to the creation and development of teachers who strive to exemplify the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for excellence in teaching.

Photo of teacher with young students in a school hallway.

The centerpiece of our work is a document called the Portrait of a Teacher, which, through a series of statements, embodies Montclair State University’s vision of an educator and informs the evaluation of candidates to the teacher education program, the assessment of student teaching, and the professional development of our community of teachers.

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