Other Initiatives

Freshman Cohort Learning Community

The Freshman Cohort is a multicultural learning community for entering students who are considering becoming teachers. Cohort members are recruited by TEAC from the entering freshman class to develop a racially and ethnically balanced cohort. Through an annual application process, TEAC identifies 15-20 candidates of varying racial/ethnic backgrounds, academic disciplines, and academic histories to enroll in the same sections of English 105 (Freshman Composition) and GNED 199 (New Student Seminar). The cohort explores aspects of teacher education related to how students learn, experience diversity, equity, and privilege. The cohort provides an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other, form study groups, and discuss their mutual interest in the teaching profession. A TEAC counselor provides ongoing support and advisement and continues to act as a resource to students as they matriculate through the Teacher Education Program.

For more information about the Freshman Cohort Learning Community, please contact:

Jan Johnson, Program Assistant
Teacher Education Advocacy Center
Center of Pedagogy
Montclair State University
University Hall, Room 1170
Montclair, NJ 07043
(973) 655-7696
Fax: (973) 655-7776

Community Connection Mentoring Program

The mission of the Community Connection Mentoring Program (CCMP) is to develop in K-12 students the requisite skills, knowledge and dispositions that will enable them to become highly effective students. We are committed to promoting a positive self concept while developing problem solving and critical thinking abilities in these students. This is accomplished through the use of a variety of approaches and strategies, which enable students to develop and enhance their own learning. Montclair State students are encouraged to become volunteer mentors. For more information about CCMP, please contact the TEAC office at (973) 655-7696.

The Multicultural Inclusive Teacher Candidates' Organization (MINTCO)

The Multicultural Inclusive Teacher Candidates' Organization (MINTCO) consists of students from diverse cultures, races and backgrounds who are pursuing initial teacher certification. MINTCO welcomes all students who have an interest in improving education. The purpose of the organization is to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with a community of learners from whom they can receive support, information, and advice as they progress through the Teacher Education Program. The organization provides a forum for networking with campus and public school faculty to discuss substantive issues in education.

For more information on MINTCO, please contact:

Ian Bouie
Program Advisor, Teacher Education Advocacy Center
Center of Pedagogy
Montclair State University
University Hall, Suite 1160
Montclair, NJ 07043
(973) 655-7799
Fax: (973) 655-7776