BS in Public Health, with a concentration in Community Health Education

When people think about careers in health, many think about clinical careers (such as doctor or nurse) that involve treating individuals who have illnesses or injuries.  Public health practitioners address the health of whole populations and focus on injury and disease prevention, as well as the promotion of optimal health, rather than on treatment. 

The B.S. in Public Health with concentration in Community Health Education offers an integrated approach to public health that addresses local, national, and global health issues with an emphasis on social justice. It provides future community health educators with the skills and knowledge they will need to develop, implement, and evaluate programs that target issues as diverse as cancer, obesity, sexuality, aging, violence, maternal and child health, substance abuse, adolescent health, mental health and many more.  Students will also understand how to create programs and promote policies that eliminate disparities in health outcomes among different populations so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be healthy.  Graduates of the program will work in a variety of settings – including government agencies, community clinics, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and corporations – and focus on a variety of age groups, populations, and health issues.