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What Can I Do with a Degree in Public Health?

When most people think about careers in the health field, they think about clinical careers that involve treating individuals who are sick or injured.  Public health is a different kind of health career.  Public health professionals try to affect the health of whole populations, rather than just single individuals.  They also focus on health promotion or disease or injury prevention, rather than treatment. Students at Montclair State aim to prevent injury and disease and promote health either by designing and implementing health education programs or by improving health systems and changing health policies.

Currently, the Department of Public Health offers the following programs in public health:

  • BS in Public Health, with concentrations in:
    • Community Health Education
    • Health Systems Administration and Policy
Career Options
  • Program Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Health Educator
  • Health Communications Specialist
  • Case Manager
  • Project Planner
  • Policy Analyst
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Program Evaluator
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Program Assistant
  • Hospital Executive
  • Clinic Administrator
  • Health Services Manager
  • Community Prevention Specialist
  • Regulatory Specialist
  • Government Official
  • Policy Advocate
Places of Employment
  • Health departments
  • Government agencies
  • Voluntary health organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
Job Outlook
  • Although total employment in the U.S. economy is projected to grow 10.8% through 2022, some of the fastest projected growth will occur in the healthcare and healthcare support fields. (National Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job growth for health educators and community health workers (21% job growth) is projected to far outpace other professions. (National Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Employment growth for health administration professionals (23% job growth) is projected to far outpace other professions. (National Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Salary Range
  • Salary variations depend upon level of education, experience in the field, geographic area of employment, and employment in the for-profit vs. the non-profit sector.
  • The annual wage for community health educators ranges from $28,680 to $87,770. (National Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • The annual wage for health administrators ranges from $55,890 to $161,150. (National Bureau of Labor Statistics)