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Student Advisement

General Advising

Registration Permits

During registration periods, students who need authorizations or permits to register for HLTH classes in the Department of Public Health should send an email to:


Advising Process for Graduate Students

Graduate students should consult with Dr. Stephanie Silvera, the Graduate Program Coordinator for Public health, and/or their individually assigned advisors: Dr. Sze Yan Liu for HSAP students and Dr. Eva Goldfarb for CCHL students.

Advising Process for Undergraduate Students

Each member of the Department of Public Health advisement team has specific responsibilities.  The advisement team consists of:

The Student:

Students are responsible for reviewing their degree audit regularly (the degree audit is available through NEST).  The degree audit lists the courses required for the completion of a degree.  Students should also review the Montclair State University Handbook (available on the University website) to familiarize themselves with the University’s academic policies.

The CCHL Student Success Center:

The College for Community Health (CCHL) Student Success Center should always be a student’s first stop for academic advising.  CCHL Student Success Center advisors can assist students in choosing courses, changing majors, adding minors, and reviewing degree progress.  The CCHL Student Success Center, located in University Hall, Suite 1180, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Walk-ins are welcome; no appointment is necessary.

The Department Administrator:

The Department Administrator advises the following students:

  1. First-semester freshmen;
  2. Incoming transfer students;
  3. Students who have not been able to create a full schedule during a registration period;
  4. Students requesting credit adjustments, course overloads, course overlaps, or to complete work at another institution.
  5. Students who have been referred by the CCHL Student Success Center.

The Department Administrator has drop-in advising hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

The Faculty Advisor:

Faculty advisors can be valuable sources of advice and information about their field of expertise – public health!  Each faculty advisor has posted office hours for drop-in (hours are listed on cards located outside UN4162) or is available by appointment.  You can choose a faculty advisor to meet with based on a connection you’ve made with them as the instructor for one of your classes or you can choose a faculty advisor to meet with based on common interests.  You can click the link below to learn about faculty areas of interest:

Faculty and Staff

Please do not visit a faculty advisor for general advising (i.e., which classes should I take, how do I create a schedule, how can I graduate on time, etc.).  Faculty advisors are available to discuss larger questions and concerns about the field of public health such as internship options, future career and educational directions, research, and job opportunities.  If you would like to be assigned to a faculty advisor (rather than choosing who to meet with on your own), please send an email to phpermit@montclair.edu and the Department Administrator will choose a faculty advisor for you.