Specialist and child playing with sandbox

New Jersey Pyramid Model Partnership

The New Jersey Pyramid Model Partnership, a working group of the New Jersey Council for Young Children, works to ensure that all infants and young children (ages 0-8) will have the opportunity to develop social-emotional competence.

The efforts localize the guidance put forth by the Pyramid Model, which provides information for early childhood educators, early intervention personnel, families and other professionals on evidence-based practices that promote young children’s healthy social-emotional development. The Partnership uses this model to help early educators build skills for supporting nurturing and responsive caregiving, create learning environments, provide targeted social-emotional skills and support children with challenging behavior.

There are three tiers of intervention practice:

  • Universal promotion for all children
  • Secondary preventions to address the intervention needs for children at risk of social-emotional delays
  • Tertiary interventions needed for children with persistent challenges