PhD - Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Research Doctorate in Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Ph.D. program at Montclair State University provides students with the necessary training to have successful careers in academia as researchers, scholars and teachers. Graduates of the program will be prepared to assume positions in communication sciences and disorders programs and other related programs at colleges and universities and in research facilities. Students will be mentored through rigorous and intensive coursework and research experiences. We expect that graduates of our program will serve as leaders in the study of human communication and its disorders.


Individuals with and without clinical degrees (e.g., a master’s degree in speech-language pathology or an AuD in audiology) who are interested in learning to conduct research in human communication and its disorders are welcome to apply. However, it is important to be aware that the Ph.D. is a research, not a clinical, degree. This program will not prepare individuals to assess, diagnose, or treat people with communication disorders. Individuals who are interested in becoming clinical providers should apply to the Master of Arts Program in Speech-Language Pathology or to the Doctor of Audiology Program.


Individuals who are interested in applying to the PhD program are strongly encouraged to contact the faculty member or members whose research interests coincide with their own before submitting their application. It is important for applicants and faculty to ensure that their interests coincide and they will be comfortable working together. A list of department faculty members can be found on the Faculty and Staff page, which will provide links to each faculty member’s profile page containing contact information, areas of expertise, and research interests.