Image of Audiology Machine

Facilities and Research

The faculty and students at Montclair State University conduct research on a wide range of topics. The topics of our research are described on the following webpages.

Applied Auditory Research Labs

The Applied Auditory Research Laboratory includes a research facility where students and faculty engage in applied research projects. This laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, serving both instructional and research purposes.

Clinical Biofeedback Laboratory

Our lab is currently investigating the effectiveness of three types of real-time biofeedback in therapy for misarticulation of the /r/ sound. The three types we focus on are acoustic, ultrasound and electropalatographic (EPG) biofeedback.

Hearing Outcome and Neuroscience (HON) Lab

In the Hearing Outcome and Neuroscience (HON) Lab, we study the neural mechanisms underlying individual differences in hearing outcomes, including speech-in-noise perception and potential benefits from hearing-aid signal processing, among people with similar hearing sensitivity. For more information about the work in this lab, contact Professor Subong Kim, Ph.D. at If you want to participate in our ongoing research project, please contact For more info, please visit