Undergraduate Programs of Study & Requirements

The English Department offers instruction in interpreting and creating informative and imaginative texts, in the description and historical understanding of the English and American languages, and in the cultural understanding of world literatures written in English.

Students may major or minor in English, minor in journalism or film, minor in creative writing, or obtain a teaching certificate. The English Department offers career-oriented work opportunities through the Cooperative Education Program.

For English majors minoring in film or journalism: Only two minor courses may be counted toward the English major.

Students should note that WRIT 105 College Writing I: Intellectual Prose and WRIT 106 College Writing II: Writing and Literary Study are prerequisites for all English courses with the exception of ENGL 116, ENGL 117, and ENFL 208.

See the links on the left for more details about the undergraduate major requirements, the honors option, minors, teacher education, and graduate programs.  

The English Major Audit (EMA) link to the left provides a searchable database of all courses, including past semesters.

Advising Help

If you are an English Major and you need help understanding requirements, try the "Advising FAQs" tab on the left.  If you still need help, please see your assigned adviser.  This can be found by logging into WESS and clicking on “My adviser.” 

English Minors contact Adam Rzepka

Creative Writing Minors contact David Galef

Film Minors contact Janet Cutler

For English Education majors: Please see your regular adviser and access the English Education pages

For further information, consult the Center for Pedagogy (COP):  http://www.montclair.edu/cehs/academics/centers-and-institutes/cop/

First-Year Writing and the Professional and Pubic Writing Minor have moved to the First-Year Writing Program.