Combined Programs

What is a combined program?

Combined degrees allow students to count graduate credits toward their bachelor’s degree and their graduate degree which allows for the completion of both degrees in less time. A combined degree program allows students to complete “swing-credits” (6-12 depending on the program) while enrolled as an undergraduate, which count for both their bachelor and master’s degrees.

There are some very compelling benefits that come with studying through a combined program and we encourage you to learn more and talk with your advisor to see if you are on track to be considered for a Combined program.

Why pursue a combined degree?

  • Graduate early | Take graduate courses during your senior year that will count towards both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
  • Significant tuition savings | On average, students save as much as $7,000 in pursuing a combined degree
  • No Standardized Test Scores are required for admission to your graduate program | No need to worry about the GRE or GMAT
  • Apply to Graduate School for free | No application fee required when applying to a combined program

What’s next?

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