Student studying at Montclair State


What is a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program?
Combined degrees allow students to count graduate credits toward their bachelor’s degree and their graduate degree which allows for the completion of both degrees in less time. A combined degree program allows students to complete “swing-credits” (6-12 depending on the program) while enrolled as an undergraduate, which count for both their bachelor and master’s degrees.
Why should I pursue a combined degree program?
Combined degree programs allow for students to complete their degrees in less time than a traditional program. Additionally, students typically experience a significant cost savings when pursuing a combined degree program at Montclair State.
At what point during my undergraduate program should I apply?
Students can apply to combined degree programs before starting their undergraduate studies, or transfer into the program during their sophomore year, or change their major during their junior year by working with their academic advisor.
Students enrolled in the Undergraduate Portion of their Combined Program will be advised when it’s time to apply to The Graduate School. Provided that they meet their program’s unique verification criteria, their application will be expedited for admission.
When do I start taking graduate courses?
If accepted into a combined degree program, students can take swing courses during their senior year.
What is required for approval?
Must be a MSU Undergraduate student to be eligible. As an undergraduate applying for entry into a combination degree program, students who meet the program’s verification GPA or higher will enjoy an expedited application process. Students with a GPA below the program’s specified criteria can apply traditionally, submitting supplemental application materials such as a Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.
If I do not continue in graduate school, can the graduate coursework I complete still be used to satisfy my undergraduate degree requirements?
Yes – any grades earned in graduate courses can count towards the 120 credits required to earn an undergraduate degree at Montclair State.
Why would I want to pay additional tuition to enroll in graduate courses?
If a student continues to graduate school, they will save on the tuition costs for the swing credits taken while still classified as an undergraduate.
If I choose to enroll in a Combined Program, does that mean that I have to stay at Montclair State for graduate school?
No, you do not. You can decide at anytime that you don’t want to continue here for graduate school via the traditional change of major process.
What if my program doesn’t offer a Combined Program option?
Montclair State offers more programs than any other institution in New Jersey, and many of our academic departments are working on building new combined degrees. Please inquire with your academic department/advisor.
How do I apply?
High schools students can apply via Undergraduate Admissions. Montclair State undergrads should check with their academic advisor so they can change their major to the combined degree program (You can find out who your academic advisor is by logging onto NEST and viewing your degree audit on Degree Works.).